29 Jan 2021

Here’s How to Register if you live here!

You’re Here!  It’s Our New Briarcliff West Web Site

             Click this link to begin the process for authorized access:



  • UNIT/HOUSE NUMBER  (enter your house number, i.e. 4644)
  • SELECT YOUR STREET NAME (from the drop-down list of all BWCA streets)
  • TYPE (select “HOUSE” other choices are not relevant to BWCA)
  • RESIDENT FIRST NAME & LAST NAME (list only one person, others are next!)
  • Optional: Birthdate (OK to ignore if you don’t want a birthday greeting!)
  • PHONES & EMAIL (As applicable for the person listed)
  • ADDITIONAL RESIDENTS (Click “ADD” if you want to add others & their info)
  • Optional: VEHICLE (used to help identify unauthorized vehicles)
  • Optional: PETS (will help identify lost animals)
  • Click CONCLUDE.  (Each registration is reviewed to confirm BWCA status)

Once registered….and approved….you get access to the private features of the web site by clicking on “Access Your Community” in the upper right corner of the web site’s Home Page and then logging on with your email address and password.  

              Welcome!   This basic site is now available to the  public.   This public view celebrates the Briarcliff West community as a great place to live in the Northland.   Also publicly visible are special sections for photos, news, general notices and quick links to key services.  There’s no need to sign in to see the public features.   

                There’s more!  Other features of the site are reserved only for Association members and require a personal logon and password for access.

                Sign Up for direct access! This new site is ready to accept personal registrations for private access for every household.  (See the link above to begin if you are a resident who is not yet enrolled.) 

            The Directory structure has been improved to allow custom communications capabilities.  Residents have individual options for how to receive news, notices and alerts by selecting email, text, or auto-calls to specific phone numbers, etc.  As home phones continue to disappear, residents can now list individual email addresses and personal cell phones for direct communication to every individual.   Contact information can also be designated PRIVATE, even from other registered members.  There’s optional registration for (lost) pets and identifying unauthorized vehicle

                The site includes features for classified ads, lost and found notices, and carpooling.

                Modules have been added to conduct resident surveys and voting. The Board will use these features to seek opinions on policy questions and other issues.  The platform also has integrated Zoom capability for video meetings. 

                 There are active links to our Association and our  property manager FirstService Residential for accounting and property requests and issues.  Service links are also available for direct access to web sites for the State of Missouri, Clay County government and the City of Kansas City.    

                Online Archives for Association information, including financials, minutes, and governance documents are being migrated and installed on a continual basis.

                Future features include a business directory for Association members to list their businesses and to suggest or endorse vendors for residential services. 

                The development of BriarcliffWestKCMO.com is a volunteer effort and we appreciate your cooperation and patience as we move ahead with an online capability that is totally in Association ownership and control.    As with all community activities, your suggestions and questions are welcome!